Play Ball 2021

As stadiums reopen and game schedules resume, players and coaches are in a unique position to refine their level of play by rebuilding routines, capitalizing on the adaptability demanded by the closures of the past year, and harnessing their passion for the game to achieve championship-level play.

Maintaining a rhythm for practice while focusing on development and self-motivation requires effort from players and coaches alike. Players who have faced a lack of predictability or structure over the past year may find it challenging to resume routines. On the upside, they may also experience a great deal of momentum and motivation fueled by the excitement of getting back on the field. Consistency also hinges on coaches’ ability to communicate effectively with players when establishing strategic and workout plans. For coaches that work with international players, refining patterns of communication so that feedback is understood by athletes who are learning English is critical to achieving great play.

The past year’s disruptions to training, practice, and player development have likely presented challenges to players’ very sense of identity as elite athletes. Despite those challenges, or perhaps because of them, players who are able to overcome and adjust to the loss of friends or family and limited access to the gym or field already have adaptability on their side. Overcoming the hurdles of the past months requires players to be flexible and focused to achieve success.

Players who demonstrate a readiness to excel through failure and make adjustments as frequently as needed set themselves up for success, whether on the field or in the classroom. Being able to take risks, learn from errors, and make improvements leads to an atmosphere of trust that teams need for championship-level play.

Higher Standards Academy knows that how you practice is how you play. What we see on the field are the results of players being able to maintain, overcome and excel in practice in order to achieve excellent play in every single game. We hope the field is full of innovation to optimize live practice, laser-like focus to build a better understanding of game strategy, and unbeatable passion to work at a championship level.

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