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Speaking Evaluation

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American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) Speaking guidelines are based on American English and utilized by academic institutions, government agencies and private corporations worldwide.
NL - Novice Low
Communicates minimally
Function and accuracy are limited
NM - Novice Mid
Communicates on familiar topics
Words and phrases are practiced and memorized
NH - Novice High
Short social interactions, asking and answering simple questions
Sometimes sound surprisingly fluent and accurate
IL - Inter Low
Communicates with concrete exchanges
Use of wider vocabulary and self-correction
IM - Inter Mid
Can narrate and describe in all major time frames
Able to use communicative strategies such as rephrasing and circumlocution
IH - Inter High
Produces sentence-level language, ranging from strings of sentences to paragraphs
Speech contains limited pauses, reformulations, and self-corrections


Learned baseball related words
Baseball Vocabulary
105 of the most common baseball words and phrases players are expected to recall and recognize based on empirical evidence.

Anecdotal Player Update

Effort / Participation
Models team focused character and integrity
Demonstrates leadership
Peer language mentor