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Three Steps to A Winning 2018

Three Steps to A Winning 2018


Happy New Year!  2018 is so full of promise and making it an amazing year just requires a theme or mission to keep you on track.

May I suggest that your theme or mission this year be- to live in the offensive?

Let me clarify.  I don’t mean to “be” offensive, as in rude, but to be ready to take action.

Many of us have been in the defense mode and this is not a fun place to be.  The word “defense” means to respond to someone else’s actions.   In other words, to wait.  If you have been waiting around for someone else to decide your direction, give you permission to do something, or fulfill you, then it’s time to stop living in the defense and switch to the offense.

Offense is about action.  Offense gives you choice.  It is a mindset that offers hope for your future.

Where do you start?

First, let’s address the myth that is the big elephant in the room.  The room is our current culture.    There seems to be a lot of concern these days about knowing our purpose.  It seems that knowing your purpose has become a prerequisite to action.  I mean, what if you make a move and it doesn’t align with your purpose?  Won’t you have wasted a lot of time?

Let me tell you from experience that the answer to that is NO.  You won’t waste time if you are learning something and being productive.   All action teaches us about our next move.   Then we make an “adjustment” and go on.

The fear of doing something wrong has gripped us somehow.  Why are we so afraid to make a mistake?   Mistakes happen and they are ok.  Failure is ok.  I have learned some of my best lessons from mistakes and failure and even though it was uncomfortable, it was the most motivating teacher I could have had.   Being uncomfortable is ok too.  It’s usually not forever, but for a short time and we get so much from that discomfort that to wish it out of our lives is not productive or smart.

Second, do something.  After you read this, close your device and go talk to someone you’ve been meaning to talk to.  Go out for a walk.  Or go sign up for that class you’ve been waiting on.

Finally,  keep doing it.  Every day.   Close your device and take action.  It’s what living in the offense feels like.  It’s not always clear, it’s not always simple, but it builds the kind of confidence you can’t get any other way.  If you do it every day, you will be amazed at the changes in your life.

If you’ve been playing defense in 2017, switch to offense this year.

It’s the only way to really score goals, which allow you to win.

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  1. Insightful and inspiring. The simplicity of the message is almost overwhelming. Thank you Linda for the encouragement to be bold and take risks this new year. You are a very timely blessing.

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